The management Diversity is that area which many talk about and few either understand or are comfortable with. As the world has changed the effective management of diversity has become a key imperative both business as well as the public sector.

When we refer to diversity, it is about the notion that everyone wants to feel like they are being treated fairly, recognised for what they do and are stretched to do the most that they can do, and the environment is one which people are attracted to because it enables them to do things, rather than preventing them from doing things because of a preconceived stereotype or prejudice.

Diversity is not about minority groups. It is about each person coming to terms with his or her attitudes, beliefs, and expectations about others and gaining comfort with difference. Lack of diversity is wasteful and affects effectiveness because human beings are ethnocentric - they see the world through their own narrow view and judge the world by what is familiar to them. We also find comfort and trust in likeness. There is a tendency to seek the company of those most similar to ourselves.

Diversity is big enough to include everyone…young and old, homeless and affluent, immigrant and native, men and women, straight or gay, white and black….and goes beyond race and gender.

HRB Partnership provides support in embedding equality and diversity principles as part of an inclusive culture where all staff are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to achieving the overall goals. 

Strategy and Metrics

What gets measured gets done. This widely used adage addresses  HR management and an important part of the diversity measurement issue. The emphasis on doing things and achieving results leads to the corollary, “do the right things.”

We support the development of metrics to measure the results of your organization's HR and diversity programming efforts. This  is not only critical to the credibility of your initiative, but is also essential for benchmarking growth and for developing future programming that positively impacts your company's bottom line.

Training , Learning and Development for Equality and Diversity

For a list of scheduled workshops and tailored activities please see the section on Learning & Development / Workshops